Aluminum siding was a popular and less expensive alternative to wood siding years ago.  It is a very durable material and last for decades.  The Aluminum however is prone to dings and dents and oxidizes over time, leaving the color to fade.  The siding can be painted, however.  There are a few steps prior to painting that must be taken.  Check for any damaged siding and replace if necessary.  Pressure washing the siding is the best and most efficient way to clean aluminum of any chalking, mildew and dirt.  A full prime coat is advisable to ensure proper adhesion of the top coat.  Use a high quality acrylic paint such as Ben Moore, Aura or Sherwin Williams Emerald paint.

Vinyl siding has taken the place of aluminum siding and has made great strides in the manufacturing of the product.  Over time, the vinyl can become brittle and crack if hit hard enough by an object.  Prior to painting, similar steps in painting aluminum siding should be taken.  Replace any damaged siding, pressure wash the entire house to remove mildew, dirt and any foreign substances.    

The color choices for both aluminum and vinyl siding are myriad.  However, when choosing a paint for vinyl siding be sure to use a product that has vinyl safe colors.  These colors are meant to reflect the sun from the siding, preventing the vinyl siding from heating up and eventually warping the material.  Darker colors painted on vinyl will absorb the sun’s rays allowing the siding to heat up and warp.  Vinyl safe colors prevents this by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the siding.

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