When people think about painting the exterior of their home, the front door tends to be the last part of the home they consider. In many cases, people haven’t painted or repainted their front door in their entire history of living at the house. 

This blog will take a closer look at why painting your front door is so important, while also offering a number of possible color options for homeowners to consider. Here are a few front door colors that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

Yellow Front Doors are the Next Big Thing 

In an article posted on Ideal Home in which a Dulux color expert was interviewed, she was quoted as saying, “Yellow offers the warmest of welcomes for any front door…All around the world we recognize the power of this joyful shade to conjure hope, positivity and happiness. It is the smile on the face of your house, which is infectious to all who walk past.”

For those looking to make a statement of love, warmth, and friendliness with their front door, yellow might be the perfect color to choose. Ensure the rest of the exterior matches the yellow color of the door (to some extent), in order to avoid any bold color clashes. 

Going With an Off-Black 

A black door can help modernize just about any home. Off-black is essentially a lighter shade of black, with hints of dark grays. This combination of colors can help give a home that modern look while still maintaining a vibe of welcoming and homeliness. 

Off-black is one of the most popular colors for a front door currently, and for good reason. If you’ve always craved a modern look for your home while also wanting a vibe that makes your children’s friends feel welcome, then an off-black front door is just the thing you’re looking for. 

Teal Appeal

Teal is a popular choice for homeowners both for the interior and exterior of the house. This unique palette is a distinctive alternative for a homeowner who wants to move away from classic or modern-classic styles. The color has a powerful feel to it, and it can usually evoke imagery of streets in Italy or Greece. 

A teal front door may not be for everyone, but the color has the power to change the entire feel and mood of the house. Step into the unknown by embracing this unusual and eye catching color palette for your front door.

A front door is so often the first impression of a home. While some homeowners don’t take the time to really consider what impression their front door gives off, it’s truly one of the most important style decisions a homeowner makes regarding their home. 

If you need some help choosing a color for your front door, or if you’re ready to get a project started, reach out to our team of color professionals today.