The current state of the world has many of us heading indoors, even for work. The rapidly growing population of remote workers has changed how we think about our daily productivity and, more importantly, our work-from-home environment. As temperatures drop and lockdowns seem imminent, now may be a good time to start thinking about creating or redesigning your home office.

With that being said, in today’s blog, we’ll take a quick look at the best color-schemes and choices for home offices, with a focus on enhancing productivity, focus, and even relaxation if the need arises.

Dark Shades of Blue

Perhaps unconventional, we have found that dark shades of blue can be a significant boost to productivity within your home office. Midnight or navy blue captures the feeling of sophistication and elegance. If you traditionally work in a “well-to-do” business setting, it may be beneficial to add a dark shade of blue onto your office walls, bringing that business-formal sophistication home from the office. Dark shades will also help you focus on your computer screen, whereas bright colors may catch your attention, causing distractions.

Focus On the White.

A White Backdrop

We traditionally associate white with purity and tranquility. Within an office setting, white may also add a clean feeling to your working environment, limiting visual distractions. If you are the type of worker that prefers a neatly organized, tidy workspace, a warm or immaculate white may be just the color for you, enhancing your focus and reducing the stress often associated with vibrant colors.

A Calming Green

The color of balance, growth, and calmness, green is often associated with peaceful nature. If being stuck inside all day long, pounding on the keys raises your stress levels, you might want to consider a calming green color palette within your home office or workspace, adding a touch of nature that dearly missed in these winter months. Green also encompasses mental clarity, focus, and optimism, giving you a positive boost to your productivity.

A Yellow Office Space is Sure to Bring Lots of Energy

An Energetic Yellow

Eclectic and vibrant, yellow may not be the best color for every workstation, as it immediately attracts your attention. But, for those who require an extra shot of espresso in their morning coffee, yellow may be just the key for unlocking every ounce of your productive energy. Yellow also represents charisma, positivity, and quick thinking, bringing a bit of joy into your remote work life. But, be careful, as yellow can also have you reaching for the daytime snacks quite often!

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