Whether you’re overdue for a fresh interior paint job, or simply looking to breathe new life into your home, an interior painting project can make a significant impact on your day to day life.

The most important decision you’ll make in the process of an interior paint job is choosing your colors. Every color brings with it a certain aesthetic, so it’s crucial you choose a color that matches the feel of your home.

This article will serve as a guide on the different types of paint colors you can choose from, and help you decide which colors best suit your home.

Red Paint
A Guide to Painting your interior

Going Bold with Red Paint

Red is often referred to as a “power color”, meaning it draws attention and makes an immediate statement. This is also true of red as an interior paint color.

Red, as an interior paint color, is believed to energize a room and motivate it’s occupants. As a result, workplaces will often paint conference room and call centers red. With that being said, the shade of red you select will also make a noticeable difference.

The brighter the red, the more energy the color is believed to inspire. If you’re considering painting a bedroom or a dining room red, it might be best to lean towards darker shades.

Blue & Green: The Relaxing Colors

Blues and greens are popular choices for homes as a result of their calming and relaxing properties.

These colors walk a delicate balance between laid-back and sophisticated stylings. The shading will again make a difference in this case, as lighter and darker shades undoubtedly possess different properties . The lighter the shade of the blues and greens, the more serene the atmosphere of the room. Darker shades of these colors tend to lean further towards the sophisticated aesthetic.

Other paint colors with calming effects include off-white, beige, and gray.

Blue Paint
Blue paints have calming effects

Neutral Colors

If you aren’t seeking a paint color that will have a significant effect on your home and its occupants, choosing a neutral color could be your best bet.

Browns, blacks, and whites are typically classified as neutral colors. As a result, these colors will often be found in a wide variety of homes and locations. If you don’t have a consistent theme throughout your home, these colors are a safe choice to not stand out.

Paint colors really are a matter of personal preference, but it’s crucial to factor in the aesthetic of the rest of your home when making your decision.

From power reds to soothing blues, the perfect color is out there for you. You just need to find it.