After what felt like a very long, and very confusing winter and fall, the summer has finally arrived. And while most of us are still practicing social distancing and stay-at-home protocols, we can see the world finally beginning to come back to life around us. 

As retail shops, restaurants, beaches, and swimming pools begin to open, homeowners are realizing that the exterior of their homes can use a refresh. Here are the best exterior paint colors that homeowners utilize to welcome in the summer. 

Ruby Red

Ruby Red is the perfect color tone to make a home stand out without looking too “loud.” Ruby Red is the ideal complement of deep reds and warmer tones that can help give the exterior of a house a distinctive and somewhat retro look. 

Ruby Reds are particularly popular in New England, where revolutionary colors like reds and white remain commonplace. If painting your entire home Ruby Red feels like too much of a statement, consider painting your door in the color. It can be just enough to give your home a splash of personality. 

A red brick wall

Mossy Green 

Mossy Green is a dark green color with a slight hint of yellow, similar to the shade of the moss that you’d find growing on a rock. This color can give a home an earthy yet sophisticated feel that is perfect for the warm weather and outdoor gatherings of the summertime. 

Mossy Green is growing in popularity, but it still isn’t anywhere near one of the most popular home exterior colors in the country. Mossy Greens are found most commonly in the North East, and on the northern part of the west coast. Stand out in your neighborhood with an exterior color that says “I care about the earth,” without sacrificing any of the finer points of beauty. 

Green Moss

Mocha Coffee Color 

While painting your home a deep and rich Mocha Coffee color may feel risky, it has the potential for great reward. As one of the most unique suggestions on this list, the Mocha Coffee color is inspired by America’s favorite morning beverage, and is a lighter shade of brown that absolutely emits feelings of warmth and home. 

Believe it or not there are actually a number of variations on mocha-colored paints, with Mocha Chocolate being another popular selection. The thought process makes sense; you love mocha coffee and the feeling you get from it, why not have the paint color of your house remind you of that feeling? 

A mocha coffee

The summer can be the most exciting time to repaint the exterior of your home. While we had a lot of fun writing about some unique exterior paint colors in this blog, there are so many more possibilities for homeowners to discover. Visit our website to view galleries, explore colors and get started on your summer paint project.