For many people, Spring is their favorite season. It’s a season that represents rebirth, the return of the sun, and an escape from the overwhelming darkness of winter. Here at All Pro Painters, we believe that Spring presents the perfect opportunity to begin exterior and interior home remodeling work, cleaning, and of course, repainting.

In today’s blog, let’s take a look at painting your interior to match the palette and feelings tied to this wonderful season. As the pandemic continues to change our everyday lives, celebrating the oncoming warmer weather by completing a paint job may just be the positive uplift that you and your loved ones need at the moment.

5 Professional Painting Tips For Your Spring Paint Project

1. Make A Plan With Your Family, Housemates, or Partner

The first step in a successful interior painting project starts before you pick up a brush – planning. Together with whoever you live or room with, you’ll want to write down a comprehensive list of wants and painting preferences. 

The most important aspect of this planning period is open communication regarding painting materials, work times, and color preferences. The last thing you want is to have an unhappy housemate or be disappointed with the project’s outcome due to a lack of communication. So get planning!

2. Budget Your Project

It’s essential that you do not skip this step. As anyone who has ever done any home remodels or painting work, going in blind can be costly. With a mind on your financial situation, create a painting budget that works for you, your family, or your partner. 

Home improvement costs and trips to the Home Depot or Lowes can quickly get out of control if not planned and budgeted correctly beforehand. Make an honest and thorough budget and you’ll be sure to find painting success without breaking the bank.

3. It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

Before you even pick out your favorite color, you’ll need to clean your workspace! In fact, while you’re at it, let’s just perform full Spring cleaning all around. You’ll be surprised how stress-free and positive you’ll feel afterward.

Add to the fact that you absolutely do not want to deal with a messy workspace, especially while painting. This can lead to getting paint where it doesn’t belong, knocking over paint cans, and even damaging your floor, walls, belongings, or furniture.

4. Choose Your Colors

Now, here’s the exciting part. It’s time to choose your colors! If you truly love the Spring season, you may want to take on some spring-inspired color-schemes, such as bright blue, a gentle yellow, blush, sage green, and many more. These colors inspire a cheery, renewed feel that will surely wake up your home and fill it with beautiful positive energy. 

5. Let’s Paint!

Finally, it’s time to throw on some worn-out clothes and get painting! Remember to support your project by giving it the necessary attention and time required to complete it to perfection. Take the time to gauge how many coats of paint you’ll need and not cut corners. Also, be sure to enjoy yourself! Home projects provide the opportunity to accomplish productive tasks with your friends, family, and loved ones. So, be sure to take advantage.