The winter tends to seem like the offseason for home improvement projects. But while some projects are indeed limited by the freezing temperatures and mountains of snow, other projects aren’t.

In fact, the winter can be the absolute best time to move forward with that interior paint job you’ve been planning. Here’s why.

Avoiding the Summer Air

Humidity can absolutely interfere with a paint job. Humidity causes paint to dry much slower, and in some cases, it even causes leaching on the surface.

Colder temperatures, on the flip side, are good for curing paint. This should help your paint dry properly, and hold up well over time.

However, you do want to avoid extreme temperatures, both hot or cold. Your contractor should be able to tell when it is and when it isn’t appropriate to begin a paint job.

You’ll Get the Project Done Before Spring

If you plan on hosting at all in the warm weather months, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to be dealing with a painting project at the same time.

Take advantage of your downtime in the winter by getting the project out of the way. Particularly once the holiday season has passed, it probably won’t be too challenging to hold off on throwing any big parties or get togethers until the interior painting project is finished.

Break Your Winter Blues

Let’s face it. Winter in New England can get pretty tough. From shoveling out our driveways to scraping the ice off our windshields, we tend to get worn down as we move through the season.

Breathe new life into your home with a new interior paint job. As our previous blog post outlined, different colors can have tangible and proven effects on our moods. Check out that blog post here to decide what colors can help you break your winter blues.

Don’t let the winter throw you off your home improvement groove. Interior painting projects are just as impactful as any other addition you could make to your home, so use the downtime this winter to get that interior paint job started and finished.