Boo! Did we scare you!? No? Oh well, it was worth a shot. Here, at All Pro Painting, we get pretty excited around this time of year. Why? You may ask. Because of Halloween, of course! Halloween has some of the most vibrant, meaningful color-schemes. 

Hosting a haunted house, decorating your front porch for trick-or-treaters, or do you simply enjoy decorating your home in the spookiest, fitting the season? In today’s blog, we’ll explore the colors of Halloween and how you can utilize those colors to induce fear throughout your neighborhood! 

…Or, maybe just to have a friendly, not-so-scary Halloween night.

Red – For A Bloody Good Time

Fierce and passionate, there’s a reason why red is used so much in horror and slasher films (well, outside of the comical amounts of blood and gore, of course). Red creates urgency, stimulating the mind, and, for specific shades, even raising feelings of stress and anxiety. Are you planning on designing a homemade haunted house? You’ll want to be sure to include lots of red, ensuring that you raise your vict- guests’ emotions as they venture onwards.

Orange Your Glad You Didn't Run Into These Pumpkins?

Orange – Pumpkins Come To Life!

Cozy and comforting, orange provides a familiar Halloween atmosphere, akin to telling stories around the campfire. Orange also represents harvest time, one of the reasons why we pick and carve pumpkins every October. While maybe not quite-so-spooky, orange provides the comfort of a cool Fall evening, gathered together around a cozy campfire. If you want to provide a safe, friendly Halloween experience, be sure to add lots of orange into your color scheme on October 31st.

Green – A Monster Mash

On Halloween, witches and monsters come out to play! Most of them feature green, grotesque faces. While shades of green in nature can provide tranquility, there’s something …off about green on a human being. This is why witches and monsters are usually portrayed as having green, sickly skin. From witches to Frankenstein’s monsters to fresh-eating (or candy eating) zombies, green is sure to bring horror to your Halloween decorations or costumes.

What lies within the purple smoke?

Purple – A Supernatural Spectacle

We often associate purple with royalty, wealth, and power. However, once Halloween rolls around, purple seems to transform into a beacon for the supernatural. Ghost, ghouls, poltergeists, and demons alike all seem to appear within a purple fog or mist. Purple is also often associated with magic, wizards, witches, and warlocks galore. Whether creating a magical realm filled with wonder, or a ghostly-haunt creeping around the corner, purple should definitely be included on your Halloween wish list.

Black – The Color of Darkness

It goes without saying that the color black may indeed be the king of Halloween. Black represents darkness and even death. If you’re planning to host a haunted house of any kind, you’ll want to be sure to include copious amounts of black on the walls, simulating the feeling of being alone in the dark, where all sorts of creatures may be waiting for you.