Even as the temperatures drop, many would say that Fall is the best season when it comes to the natural color and wonder of the world around us. The vibrant, eclectic nature of the trees when they turn bright orange or yellow and scatter onto the ground creates an unmatched natural aesthetic, especially in New England. 

In today’s blog, we’ll explore the colors of Fall, the emotions behind the colors, and where, if you’re thinking about a Fall redesign, the best place to implement those colors would be in your home.

A Living Painted A Fall Red

The Color of Emotion – Red

A fierce color. The color red is one of emotion, passion, and desire. It motivates the mind to make quick decisions with haste and excitement. The stimulating nature of the color gets your mind up and running, filled with energy.

With these traits in mind, you will find that your perfect shade of red fits nicely within your dining room or living areas, creating an energetic environment that fuels interaction and engagement. The color is also best for sharing a romantic dinner with that special someone in your life.

A comforting orange to soften the mood.

Cozy and Comforting – Orange

Orange seemingly combines the passion and stimulation of red with the happiness of yellow, stimulating mental activity. Orange is also a warm color, creating a cozy, campfire-esque feeling that is perfect for friends or family gatherings or parties.

In this respect, we believe that the best places for orange within your home are either the living room or the kitchen. Painting your kitchen orange may not immediately seem conventional, but it can bring with it a modern or vibrant feeling whenever you’re cooking or sipping wine with friends around the countertop. Adding shades of orange into your living room setup provides that cozy, warm feeling while also stimulating social activity.

A lively yellow to get the appetite hungry!

Joyful, Energetic, and Hungry! – Yellow

To our minds, yellow is representative of sunshine, filled with life and energy. The color creates a warm, buzzing effect, stimulating joy, and happiness wherever it can be seen. Frequently, yellow is associated with food (looking at you, McDonald’s), arousing hunger.

Yellow perfectly complements the dining room or kitchen for its lively and hunger-inducing tendencies. It will give your home the energy and excitement required to whip up a fantastic meal for yourself, your family, or your guests. Yellow accents within the kitchen, if designed and painting correctly, can create a fantastically vibrant environment; unique but modern. 

Bring On The Fall

While some may see Fall as the unfortunate end to the warm summer months, we see the possibilities within all the beautiful colors. Fall is a time of change, transition, and positive transformation, making it the perfect time to redesign your home’s colors.

If you’re looking to switch up your home’s interior or exterior, matching with the season, but require suggestions, please contact us today. Our painting experts have the experience and knowledge to help you create the perfect Fall color-scheme of your dreams, properly pairing the thoughts, experiences, and desires associated with each color into each room of your home.