Choosing a color scheme can be the most challenging part of any paint project. After lots of back and forth, though, many homeowners often end up settling on a neutral color. The truth, in most situations, is that neutral colors can compliment every style in a home, while also being tremendously easy to maintain. Let’s take a closer look at why neutral colors are a smart and forward-thinking decision for homeowners. 

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home 

Realtors often have the same message to their clients who are attempting to sell homes; repaint rooms that have very unique, outside-the-box color schemes. and choose a more neutral shade. If potential buyers see a bright green room where they would prefer a grey, they could be turned off the house completely. The reason realtors tell clients to repaint with neutral colors is so a potential buyer can have a clean slate to envision their furniture, fixtures and keepsakes in the home. 

In reality, that bright green color that you loved and that complimented your life so perfectly, may not be as perfect for the home’s next owner. If your home has too many things that a buyer would have to change, your resale value will drop. 

A beige room

Neutral Compliments (Almost) Everything 

Paint colors are only one of the ways homeowners decorate their interiors. If you have wall-art, framed photos, or bold and colorful fixtures, neutral will compliment your decor.  This is one of the most influential reasons behind why homeowners choose neutral colors. 

If your decor is filled with pops of color, a loud interior paint job can turn your home into a visually overwhelming space. Achieve that stylish, sophisticated, and personalized interior look by letting your decor do the talking. 

Neutral Never Goes Out of Style 

If you enjoy chasing trends and staying as modern as possible, you may want to take some risks in regards to paint colors and designs. If you’re looking to build a sustainable home, keep the majority of your rooms neutral. While many (if not all) trends come and go, neutral never goes out of style. 

Another benefit of a neutral grey or tan is that you aren’t likely to grow tired of it. Homeowners can change out their fixtures and decor to breathe new life into a room without ever having to worry about their paint colors.

A beige room with red chairs

Neutral colors make the perfect base to design a room, a home, and a life around. Update your fixtures, decorations and even alter the layout of your home without ever feeling like the color scheme of your home is outdated and in need of change

If you need assistance choosing your perfect home interior color, talk to our team of paint-color experts who can help you choose a color that you will be happy with for years to come.