Are you struggling with what color palette to paint the exterior of your home this summer season? You are not alone! Most homeowners we have worked with find this decision to be the most challenging one in regards to exterior painting. 

Once homeowners head down the rabbit hole of color choices they may easily get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possibilities of main colors, trim, and shutter options. The selections are seemingly endless. Here are a few suggestions that may help you lower your paint choices and narrow in on a shade that will best show the beauty of your home. 

Look at the Environment and Neighborhood

One place to start in narrowing your exhaustive search for the perfect exterior color for your home is to drive around your city or town looking at examples of homes you especially enjoy. Take photos of homes you find welcoming or colors that please your eye. A little sleuthing can help you discover what colors your eye is attracted to and those you may find to be too bold or brash. 

In addition to taking a look at your neighbor’s homes, consider the environment directly around your home. In other words, what colors do your adjacent neighbors have on their homes? Would the color you love mesh well with the overall appearance of the street or would it come too close to a next-door neighbor’s color? These are all things you may want to take into consideration. 

View on the fresh painted house in grey

Study Your Home 

Now that you have some good ideas from examining other homes in your area, focus on your home. Ask yourself some questions including: 

  • What is the color tone of the roof? Is it warm or cool-toned? This could help you steer in one direction or the color to coordinate with the roofing color. 
  • What type of brick or stonework is part of your foundation, home’s exterior, or hardscape landscape? The color of hardscaping can help you coordinate with the exterior tone of your home. 
  • What direction does your home face? The sun can make a huge difference in how the color looks on a home’s exterior. 

Find Inspiration 

Still, having difficulty choosing a color palette? 

Look to things in your home that you love. It could be a piece of artwork, a blanket, a photo from a recent vacation, a fabric, or a knick-knack in your home. Take that color inspiration and try it out on the exterior of your home to be sure you love it in larger quantities. 

Test It Out! 

We know it’s tempting to pick a color and go with the flow. We suggest trying a color palette out on your home. Try a color you love and then try another sample in the same color family but one or two spaces up or down on the color swatch. You may be surprised to find that a deeper tone or lighter tone may work better for your home style and surroundings. 

Before you take the plunge, ask friends and family to drive by and see the options. A little input from others can help you feel confident in your decision. Give All Pro a call if you are planning to refresh your home this summer. Our professional painters can take your color inspiration and make it a reality.