With the world saying goodbye (finally) to 2020, a new year is upon us! 2021 already looks to be a year filled with hope, positivity, success, and hopefully, togetherness. While we are still hunkered down for colder winter months, it might be a good time to start that interior painting project you have been putting off.

Today, let’s take a look ahead at the interior colors already trending for 2021 and how you can utilize these color schemes and combinations to give your home a fresh feel for the new year ahead.

Warm and Welcoming Colors, Bursting With Positivity

Couldn’t we all use a warm and positive boost into 2021? For this year’s color trends, we’re predicting that warm, welcoming colors are going to be a huge hit, and for a good reason. Last year was, for lack of a better term, difficult for many people across the country and worldwide. This year, it’s safe to assume that people will want to coat the interiors of their homes with colors that make them feel safe, happy, and welcome.

Soft Shades of Red

While we may not immediately gravitate towards warm colors such as red, different shades can elicit unique emotions. Soft reds, bordering on pinks, can bring about a feeling of coziness and warmth. You will want to be careful with your use of red, however, as too bright or vibrant shades can bring about feelings of urgency, stress, and anxiety, rather than calm and relaxation. By carefully using soft reds or an accent, you can bring about snuggling and comforting feelings. 

A Cheerful Orange

Joy, warmth, heat, and sunshine are all things that we associate with the color orange. If the seasonal winter depression is getting you down, consider adding orange to your home’s interior for a little boost of positivity and much-needed sunshine. Orange represents just the positivity needed to leave 2020 behind and head into the new year with a much healthier mindset. Orange pairs perfectly with wood-like browns, merging orange’s sunshine-like qualities with the great outdoors. 

The Energetic Yellow

Just like orange, yellow can also bring feelings of sunshine indoors while the dark winter rages outside. Yellow also represents positivity, freshness, and energy. In fact, yellow is often used in color therapies to help people smile and feel positive emotions. If you think that your home is in need of a little oomph of positive, clear energy, yellow may just be the color for you. Yellow works exceptionally well in kitchens, as it’s known for making people feel unusually hungry for a comforting snack! 

Enter the New Year Fresh & Full of Positivity

Last year was rough. With a pandemic and an election happening within the same year and everything in between, it stands to reason that we could all use a fresh start. This year, let’s repaint our mindset by starting fresh projects with loved ones, giving our homes and relationships a fresh coat, helping us to get ready to take on the new year with joy and positivity in our hearts.