Ah, the gym – a commodity that many of us have sorely missed during the current global pandemic. As a replacement, many New Englanders have begun to put together their own home gym within their garages, basements, bedrooms, or spare rooms. 

Today, let’s examine how to put together the perfect home gym setup in Massachusetts from a design perspective. We’ll also walk through the best colors for your home gym, promoting vibrant energy and athletic focus, allowing you to break a sweat, even when you cannot head out to your favorite local gym.

Design Your Own Home Workout Space!

Evaluate Your Potential Gym Space & Budget

When designing a home gym, it’s important to set and temper expectations by evaluating your space requirements or limitations and your gym budget. Start by taking a good look at your possible home gym space and ask yourself and your spouse or living mates a few questions.

  • How big is our proposed workout space?
  • What equipment is necessary to support our goals?
  • Is this space safe for working out?
  • Can we clear out or rearrange items or furniture to open up space?
  • What is an acceptable home gym budget?

These are just a few of the questions that you should ask yourself when not only designing a home gym but potentially remodeling or redesigning any space within your home.

Clean-Up Your Gym Space!

Before you drop cash or swipe a card, be sure to clean or clear your workout space. You cannot possibly truly evaluate the amount of space you have to play with unless you get a solid, clutter-free look at it. From there, you’ll be able to make a sound and smart decision about design choices and equipment purchases.

Get The Proper Equipment

It’s also worth noting that gym equipment comes in all shapes and sizes at various price points. So, if you find yourself tight on space or budget, consider dedicating a human-sized corner of your living room, bedroom, garage, or basement as your workout space. Smaller and more affordable workout equipment, such as resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, or a few kettlebells, have all been proven to get great results through consistent use. 

Also, it gets pretty cold in Massachusetts, so if you’re working out in your garage or basement, be sure to set aside enough budget to purchase a space heater.

Pick the Best Colors For Your Home Gym

Maximum Intensity Workouts 

According to Spruce.com, an intense color, such as Dragon Blood from Benjamin Moore, is the perfect color to up the intensity of your workout mindset. This color is sure to get your blood pumping while you lift weights, run on the treadmill, or complete a grueling yet fulfilling HIIT workout.

Cool and Tranquil For Yoga or Moderate Workouts

Colors, such as Harbor Haze or Peace and Happiness, are well-suited for personal yoga-studios and meditation spaces or if your workouts tend to stay on the lighter side. These colors will keep you feeling cool, calm, and balanced, allowing you to unwind from a stressful day with peaceful and healthy physical activity.

Consult Interior Painting and Design Experts

Okay, so you have your space cleared out, and you have picked out your colors, but you don’t feel comfortable painting your home gym or workout space. All-Pro Painters can handle the painting for you! Just contact our offices to schedule an appointment or consultation.