Why is preparation so important?

I learned from my brother at an early age the 5 P’s to a great paint job.  These are, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Painting.  The life of your paint project heavily relies on the preparation.  A poorly prepared surface can result in an uneven, blotchy and inconsistent surface.  Your final project could be ruined or short lived.

There are a few simple, but essential steps to take before applying your top coat of finish paint.

Clean surfaces to remove dirt, grime and residue. Pressure washing is an efficient and quick method of cleaning the exterior of a house.  Using a light detergent with a mixture of bleach and water will adequately clean the surface of any house. Be very careful on how much pressure you use when working with a pressure washing.  Allow the solution to do the work for you.  It should sit on the surface for 10-15 minutes then rinse off. Too much pressure can damage most surfaces such as wood, vinyl and masonry.

Inspect the surface to assess for repairs to be made.  Seal gaps around trim by caulking these areas. Patch small holes with an exterior wood filler.  Replace rotten or damaged wood.

Choose the appropriate primer for the job.  Priming and sealing creates a binding layer for finishing paint to adhere.  Primers are designed and engineered to bond, correcting flawed or uneven surfaces and creating a smooth and consistent layer for paint to bind to.  Primers also seal and prevent bleed through of stains from water or tannins from wood.  Some colors can be difficult to paint over, primers can seal existing colors from bleeding through and preventing multiple topcoats.  Latex primers are great for chalky aluminum siding and vinyl trim.  Oil primers are best for sealing stains, knots and tannin bleed.  Choosing the right primer extends your topcoats longevity, washability and durability.

Remember the 5 P’s.  Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Painting!  A well prepared job will make the painting go smoothly and efficiently and allow the homeowner to enjoy the space for years to come.

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