Two of the most utilized rooms in any home are the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen provides access to cooking and meals for the family and (of course) those late-night snacks we all crave. On the other hand, the bathroom is overly used for personal tasks including bathing and toileting. These rooms are two of the best places to consider for a winter painting project.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly makeover this winter, the bathroom may be the perfect place to start. Not only are bathrooms smaller and easier to handle, but they tend to have less furniture and decor to replace, move, or renovate. 

Let’s take a closer look at some updates your bathroom may need without breaking the bank that can all be done this winter. 

bathroom The Transformative Power of Paint 

Painting a bathroom is one way to transform a space that looks dated or needs a little facelift. Refreshing a bathroom can be as easy as investing in some primer and a gallon or two of paint. 

If the walls of your bathroom have toothpaste marks, hard water stains, or just fingerprints and smudges from high-traffic use of the space, now may be the time to transform your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. 

Take a drab white bathroom to an entirely new level with a bold choice of color or take it up a notch with a decorative pattern, stencil, or wall texturing technique that will make your bathroom a showpiece of your home. 

New Window Treatments 

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in most houses which means that there are fewer windows to cover for privacy or decor reasons. Changing out the window treatments of your bathroom windows, therefore, does not need to be too tough on your wallet. 

Choose a window curtain, shade, or covering that coordinates with your color theme and brings out the color palette you have chosen. 

Additionally, coordinate your window treatment with your shower curtain if you have one. This could include using coordinating colors or patterns. Go one step further and invest in a new set of towels that match your color choices for the walls and windows. 

A Vanity Refresh 

The bathroom vanity is where so many tasks are completed, from teeth brushing to applying makeup or shaving. Update your vanity with a new marble, granite, or concrete top. Paint the vanity to coordinate with your overall color palette of the room. The small surface means a lower price tag for tops compared to kitchen counters or islands. If painting the vanity isn’t possible, many homeowners are replacing the vanity with reclaimed wood or recycled materials to be more enviro-friendly. 

Talk to our team here at All Pro Painting about making updates to the color palette of your bathroom or any room in your home this winter. Get started transforming your spaces today.