As another topsy-turvy year comes to a close, couldn’t we all use a little stress relief? With all the craziness going on outside, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, even within your home. 

So, today, let’s take a brief look at interior colors that bring calmness and tranquility to your home, preventing the inside of your home from matching the stresses beyond your doors.

women stressed out at the computer

Can Colors Really Affect Emotions?

In short, yes!

Colors have been shown to induce many, often subtle, emotional and psychological responses for people around the world. For this reason, many marketers, designers, and artists strategically use color to induce a desired emotional or psychological reaction resulting from their work.

For example, the colors red and orange are believed to make people feel hungry. Think about that next time you drive by a McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, etc.

But how do we use this information? Can we use colors to decide the emotions we’d like to feel within our home? Again, yes! Let’s go over a few colors/color-scheme choices that you may want to consider before your next interior repaint.

Adding Stress-Relieving Colors To Your Home

What Colors Provide Stress Relief?


Well, no surprise here, especially since blue is considered the most popular color in the world. And there’s a good reason for that. Blue brings about a feeling of tranquility that no other color can quite match. Think about every time you have woken up to see a cloudless blue sky and smiled, knowing that it’ll be a gorgeous day. In addition, blue is also known to help people sleep, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms.


If you’re the type of person that likes to go out for a stroll in the forest and sit against your favorite tree when life’s stresses become too much, green may be the stress relief color for you. Green often reminds us of the great outdoors, including our favorite walking trails, childhood parks, and familiar backyards.


While they may seem basic to some, for many people, a carefully balanced neutral color scheme can help your overstimulated brain calm itself. Grays, whites, and even the candle-like color of tans can help your mind quiet itself once you walk through your doors, leaving behind the stresses of a busy day.

Pick The Colors Right For You

Above are just a few basic colors that many have found to bring tranquility. However, your interior color choices are ultimately up to you and your personal preferences. 

Much of color psychology is predetermined by your lived experiences and the memories that you associate with said color. Not only does this apply to the color itself, but also to various shades, tones, and brightness. 

So, next time you’re thinking about giving your interior a repaint, truly run through your mind and see what colors, associations, and memories put a stress-free smile on your face.