There’s no better time to refresh your home than in the summer. As you begin to invite guests over, you may be in desperate need of a change of scenery considering how much time we’ve all spent inside. The best way to achieve that change of scenery is to repaint your living room with one of these refreshing colors.

Our team of paint color specialists at All Pro Painters is full of great ideas when it comes to choosing a paint color for your next project. Here are 5 of our favorites. 

Fair Pink

Fair pink as a color tends to have a calm, relaxing effect on people in the area. It also isn’t as stark of a color as classic pink. Fair pink is a soft shade of a pink that compliments a variety of different decors. In fact, Benjamin Moore just announced its paint color of the year, and a complex pink shade called First Light was the winner.

Fair pink is in this summer. Turn your living room into a trendy, relaxing environment with this paint color. 

Vibrant Green 

Kick things up in your home with a bright, vibrant green color in your living room. Nothing will revitalize a home quicker than a vibrant paint color, and green is the perfect summer shade. 

Welcome in the fun, beauty and natural aesthetic of summer by going green. These colors are also some of the current hottest trends in interior painting. 

Green Leaves

Barely White

Barely white can be described as soothing, or mellow. The intriguing thing about barley white is that it can flawlessly transition from a luxury look to a casually-stylish aesthetic. Depending on you decorate and design the rest of your living room, barely white can either class things up or mellow things out. Either way, homeowners can’t go wrong this summer with barely white, a classic. 

Cobalt Blue 

TitanPaintersChicago says, “This color is bold yet very playful. This color gives your wall a statement without being too abrasive. This works great not only for your living room but also for your home office. Pro Tip: Try it out on a small wall in the living room, relax, and play with the color!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Cobalt blue is the perfect summer color because it’s fun but relaxed, adventurous and welcoming. 

Sunny Yellow 

This color choice may be for the bolder homeowners among us. When you think of summer time in the natural world, what colors come to mind first? We’re willing to bet you said some variation of yellow and green if you’re drawing on themes like warmth, sunlight and nature. 

Painting your living room sunny yellow will allow your house to feel like an extension of the wonderful summer vibes of the great outdoors. 

Yellow Wall

You can’t really go wrong with any of these colors, but every home and living room is going to have unique styles, decor and aesthetics. Take the time to understand your space first, then use this list to figure out what color works best. 

Once you’re ready to start that project, or if you simply want to discuss paint color ideas, give our painting experts at All Pro Painters a call